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Association of Artifcial Grass Installers - Registered Installer

Artificial Grass Installers Near Me - Tomlinson's Landscapes Limited

Tomlinson's Landscapes have been awarded membership to The Association of artificial grass installers.

Tomlinson's Landscapes will get an artificial garden lawn of high quality perfectly installed.

There are many benefits to having an artificial lawn.

Artificial Grass withstands harsh weather conditions, Has a life expectancy of up to 15 years, No discolouration, as all our artificial turf is UV stable, There's also no patchiness, weeds, or mud like there is with regular turf, Reduced maintenance costs and time enabling you to spend more time doing what you love rather than mowing the lawn, Lower water bills as there is no seeding or watering required, Stays green all year round enabling your garden to look in tip top condition 12 months a year, Artificial Grass is ideal for kids and pets and prevents muddy footprints in the house.

AAGI stands for Association of Artificial Grass Installers. They are a directory for the best Artificial Grass Installers in the industry. 

Their goal is to raise the standards in service and installation quality within the Artificial Grass sector.

The growth of Artificial Garden Lawns in the UK is rapidly increasing and with so many choices available, Tomlinson's Landscapes will be able to supply and install the most high quality artificial lawn that suits your personal requirements.

Get in contact with Tomlinson's Landscapes today to get your Artificial Lawn project started.

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